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Things People Say on House Hunters that Annoy the Crap Out of Me

Do you get as annoyed at House Hunters as I do? What happened to being thankful for having a roof over your heads? Why have we become a spoiled society?

Here are my thoughts on HGTV’s most annoying show House Hunters.


1- What mommy wants mommy gets. (you just called yourself mommy. Ick.)


2- This closet isn’t even big enough, wide enough, long enough, to hold half my stuff! (it is.)


3-  It’s laminate? I really wanted hardwood. (me too Sally but I also want my kids to go to college.)


4- Are those travertine counters? (no, they’re made out of 100% organic quinoa.)


5- So where are you going to put YOUR clothes, honey? (America gets it, you have a lot of clothes.)


6- But those countertops! What is that even? Laminate. OH MY GOD NO.  (I feel like they won’t do well in my zip code.)


7- No double sink? I really, really, really wanted a double sink. Where will we brush our teeth in the morning??? (from the hose out back? No?)


8- Linda, you know I hate a brick exterior (it was only good enough for our forefathers so…….)


9- I really need a gourmet kitchen even though I don’t cook. (blink. blink. blink.)


10-Where will Fido, Barkley, Max, Sam, Boots play???  (I’m sure the dogs are concerned as well.)


11- We’d have to put up a fence though. One more added expense. (it’s only your children’s safety but I know you really have your eye on that travertine countertop.)


12- OH NO! IT ISN’T A JETTED TUB, SPENCER! (blink. blink. blink.)


13- Using the word “en suite” when you aren’t a realtor. Similar to using the word “station” when you’re not a Labor and Delivery nurse. 


14- That brick is too red. (I can’t or I will get stabby.)


15- I cannot get past the paint color though. (life is hard; try to take one for the team.)



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