Things People Say on House Hunters that Annoy the Crap Out of Me



1- What mommy wants mommy gets. (you just called yourself mommy. Ick.)


2- This closet isn’t even big enough, wide enough, long enough, to hold half my stuff! (it is.)


3-  It’s laminate? I really wanted hardwood. (me too Sally but I also want my kids to go to college.)


4- Are those travertine counters? (no, they’re made out of 100% organic quinoa.)


5- So where are you going to put YOUR clothes, honey? (America gets it, you have a lot of clothes.)


6- But those counter tops! What is that even? Laminate. OH MY GOD NO.  (I feel like they won’t do well in my zip code.)


7- No double sink? I really, really, really wanted a double sink. Where will we brush our teeth in the morning??? (from the hose out back? No?)


8- Linda, you know I hate a brick exterior (it was only good enough for our forefathers so…….)


9- I really need a gourmet kitchen even though I don’t cook. (blink. blink. blink.)


10-Where will Fido, Barkley, Max, Sam, Boots play???  (I’m sure the dogs are concerned as well.)


11- We’d have to put up a fence though. One more added expense. (it’s only your children’s safety but I know you really have your eye on that travertine counter top.)


12- OH NO! IT ISN’T A JETTED TUB, SPENCER! (blink. blink. blink.)


13- Using the word “en suite” when you aren’t a realtor. Similar to using the word “station” when you’re not a Labor and Delivery nurse. 


14- That brick is too red. (I can’t or I will get stabby.)


15- I cannot get past the paint color though. (life is hard; try to take one for the team.)



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26 thoughts on “Things People Say on House Hunters that Annoy the Crap Out of Me

  1. Sherri

    They are also 30 yrs. old and have a budget of $700,000! Our first house was $59,000 with orange cupboards, orange and yellow striped wallpaper, old carpet etc. and we were thrilled! I also hate when they climb into the bathtub, annoying!

  2. Vikki

    I used to like this show….now it just makes my eyes and ears bleed. Probably because of all you mentioned above and the fact that these people have already bought the house/are in contract before they even tape the show.

  3. Karen

    It is the sense of self-entitleement that gets me. What ever happened to being grateful for the opportunity to have a Home? My only concerns when I was house hunting were enough bedrooms no matter the size (down size your bed child), is there a fence for my dogs to have a safe place to be, and will the piano fit….somewhere….anywhere? I would LOVE a gourmet kitchen but if it has a kitchen it is perfect anyway.

  4. Andrea

    “I feel like they won’t do well in my zip code.”

    Mine either. Formica is where it’s at. I love it. According to this show I am the only one.

    Buncha snobs.
    Andrea recently posted…SweetMy Profile

  5. Debbie

    ROFLMBO! Boy you nailed this Kari! I love the show but seriously….and they HAVE to have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances! This made me laugh out loud you funny nut!! xoxoxo

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