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My Trip to Goodwill. Back in November.

I went to Goodwill back in November and I never wrote about it.

I know. I need to turn my blogging credentials in.

I feel compelled to talk about it for a few reasons.

1- it gives me something to write about when I have nothing else to write about.

2- it lets me share my life experiences. Some people get to go to Disney every year, other people get to go to Goodwill.

3- life is fragile, so why not write about shopping in a thrift store two months ago?

Listen, it has been a shitty year for many people. The fact that I am still breathing makes me appreciate life in a way that I am sure many of you can.

David Bowie, Prince and George Michael all died the same year. Let that sink in. 

So I will write about trivial things like Goodwill shopping visits, or what shape your poop was this morning: discuss posts all the damn day in 2017 because I can.

I already talked to you about my essential voodoo oil storage solution here and I think we realized with that post how much I could stretch out one visit to a chain thrift store into a series on my blog.

I mentioned this tray in my essential oil post because I love a good tray.

Back in 2011, I created the above with a plain old tray I got at Goodwill.

I also mentioned in the post that I thought it was so cute that I never wanted to cover it up.

I am SUCH a liar.

I have a thing for trays apparently. But I didn’t want to do any DIY to it because I am getting old and honestly, I just end up covering up my work so why the hell even do any, to begin with?

Lookie at my new useless orange plastic medallion!

In my defense, it was only 99 cents.

That is my only defense.

I like architectural crap like this.

So I made my impulse buy and left the store.

The day I bought this, it was 70 degrees.

In November.

It was like God was telling me to buy the medallion and spray paint it!

I also had a helper.

She loves to spray paint.

Which means she will become one kick-ass graffiti artist or a DIY blogger.

Or both.

I gave her the kindling candle holder to spray paint.

Wink wink.

P.S.- I love her so much.

After one coat and I am already loving this.

What I like to call creating artwork with crap from Goodwill.

Way back in November.

Happy 2017.


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