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Holy Shiplap


So there’s this trend called “Farmhouse Chic” or just “Farmhouse” that is going around.

Have you caught it yet?

You’re one of the lucky ones then. Probably got one of them shiplap vaccines.

I have to admit, I love the farmhouse look but I would like to state that Joanna Gaines is not responsible for this look. I don’t know that Joanna Gaines had ever been on the inside of a real farmhouse in her life before moving out to the countryside of Waco Texas with her four kids, whimsical husband and many trendy yuppy goats and such.

The inside of most farmhouses don’t look like this:

Farmhouse, fixer upper, joanna gaines, farm, shiplap
Photo courtesy of HGTV

Most of the farmhouses I grew up looking at on the inside looked more like this:


Courtesy of

But I am not one to quibble with Joanna or HGTV or even shiplap. I am also not one who will not pay 75 dollars for a wooden sign that says It is well with my soul.

I am one who will give you cheaper alternatives because that is what I am here for.



shiplap, well shit sign, amazon, fixer upper, farmhouse

Well Shit sign

Much better. Like an “it is well with my soul” for sinners.


shiplap, farmhouse, amazon, tee shirt

Holy Shiplap shirt 


They stole my saying.


shiplap, farmhouse

Peel and Stick Shiplap

Because we aren’t all Joanna Gaines.

shiplap, farmhouse

Goat prints


Because goats live on a farm and if we are being real here, this is more farmhouse chic than anything so far.

shiplap, farmhouse, amazon

Scream Here pillow

I feel like Joanna Gaines has this in her home, hidden somewhere. NO ONE IS THAT HAPPY AND GO WITH THE FLOW ALL OF THE TIME.

shiplap, farmhouse, amazon

DJ Cat pillow

This isn’t farmhouse chic. It is, however, going in my house somewhere.

farmhouse, shiplap, fixer upper, amazon

Mug/ Wine Glass Rack 

I know Joanna has this in her house. More glasses on the right than the left is probably her secret.

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