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How I Made a Canvas Using Photowall*


*”I” didn’t really make it.

*But read on because it’s a good story and you are better at these things than I am, so you’re good.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about a mural company contacting me and a brick wall snafu that followed. Here is an excerpt of that conversation from my Home Tour post:


Long story long, I had a mural company reach out to me back in the fall asking if I wanted to write about their company if they shared with me a mural of my choice. I was all HELL YEAH because that meant one less wall to paint. Not at all about being creative or my artistic integrity. As I age, the less I have to do to make my home look like it isn’t on an episode of Live PD, the better.

So my husband and I measured, sent in the measurements, and ordered our mural (a brick wall). When my husband and dad went to put it up (because I have no business being around wallpaper. Or wallpaper paste. And also, I was doing laundry at my mom’s because our washer was broken for six weeks plus at that point. Did I say it was under warranty? Maybe this should have been a separate blog post), it didn’t fit.

By a lot.

It was most likely my fault because I also have no business being around numbers. So the project is on the back burner. But we need to paint this room soon because gashes in the wall, dents where my husband tripped and hit his big old noggin on the wall, so we aren’t putting anything on this wall.

I feel like I could have made that paragraph into a blog post as well.

I still may.

That mural company, Photowall, is a lovely little business based in Sweden and they reached out to me back in the fall to see if I would be interested in working with them to create a wall in my home with their products. I was a little hesitant at first because I am not always good with certain aspects of the DIY realm. Painting? Sure. Spray Painting junk? Yeppers. Wallpapering? Uh, that would be a negative, Sven.

But I was told by my contact over in Sweden that it is easier than I thought and have faith in myself. Or maybe I said that to me. Anyway, we were planning on painting our family room already, and this meant it would be one less wall to paint. Laziness at its best.

So I ordered this:


Red Brick Wall, Photowall, DIY
Photo courtesy of Photowall

“Red Brick Wall” from Photowall and after measuring and entering in numbers (both of which I am terrible), we sent our order on to Sweden!

Ooh, I feel so continental! 

Three days later it arrived via DHL, in the fastest delivery from Europe I have ever experienced.

I can’t even get my Subscribe and Save maxi pads from the distribution center (30 minutes away) to my home in three days but my mural from Sweden is on my front porch.

Then one wintry day, my dad came over to help Mike attach the brick to the wall. My dad has many years of wallpapering experience under his belt, as well as being just handy all around in general. So the two of them get ready to attach it to the wall when they realize a fatal error.

It wasn’t the right size.

At. All.

Insert swear words.

I kindly emailed my contact in Sweden (still feel so continental!) that oopsies, I am an idiot. Now what?

They then said to keep it, reuse it if possible because they love the environment as much as I, and would I rather try a canvas instead of a mural?

That was probably code for “you’re an idiot, obviously”, but they are too nice in Sweden to say that.

I am sharing my lack of knowledge in Europe as well.

Ooh I feel so continental! 

I placed my order and three days later, here it was:


Photowall, DIY

I love Sweden.

Photowall, DIY, Buddy
My box came with the canvas frame, the actual canvas, a bag of screws, and instructions. Buddy looks concerned, as he should.


Photowall, DIY

I have to assemble it??

How could this be?

Was this the same company with whom I had struggled with the simple measuring of walls and submitting of numbers?

My new Swedish friends must have faith in me!

Ooh, I feel so continental! 

Photowall, Dove chocolate, DIY
No one said there would be actual constructing. Dove chocolates will help.


Photowall, DIY

Meanwhile, while I was getting ready to construct my canvas (egad), my husband was mostly working (on a Saturday afternoon, no less) but really mostly watching the train wreck that was me across the table from him.

Gonna need more Dove chocolate.

I should say, the directions were very user-friendly and easy to understand but when you are ME, nothing is ever simple or user-friendly, if you get what I am throwing down.

All I had to do was center the wood, line it up with the canvas, remove the adhesive, wrap it around the wood, then screw in the wood frame.

Easy. right?

For you maybe.


Up went the sides to my canvas. EEK IS THAT CROOKED?? Pass the Dove chocolate.


I would ask my husband (who was unusually patient this day), “is this crooked??”, or “what if the sticky doesn’t work after I redo it??”, and ultimately, “CAN YOU JUST DO IT FOR ME??”.

My hero.

Then my comfort dog swooped in at the first sign of trouble.

Actually, he has a keen sense of when it is THE worst possible time to want to play ball.

No, Buddy, Mommy can’t play right now. I am in the fetal position eating Dove chocolate because a company in Sweden trusts that I am good at building things. Come back in an hour. 

Those up there, are hands of a man who has taken care of his family more than ever over the past few weeks. Two of us had the flu (he and my oldest daughter were the lucky ones), and those rough hands were scrubbing dishes, washing themselves to keep germ-free, doing laundry, running to the grocery store, cleaning the bathrooms, and on top of everything else, working to make money for his family.

And put together canvases from Sweden.

He is my superhero.

After a total of 20 minutes of work (that doesn’t include my panic attack), we had a new piece of artwork:


I chose the print “Lobelia” which looks more like “Succulent” than an actual Lobelia but I loved the green and I love me some succulents, so this was the one I picked.

I chose my size to be 23 x 23 which turned out to be perfect. I don’t usually like how high up on a wall this is (wall balance is a thing for me) but with that lampshade, I didn’t want the canvas to be blocked.

It looks SO GOOD with the colors in here and in dreary February, it is so nice to see a color other than gray or white.

Buddy agrees.

If you love a good canvas (or mural), you will love Photowall.

Here are a few other patterns they offer that I want to get my hands on as well:

Simple Message And
Photo courtesy of Photowall

“Simple Message And” Canvas

Photo courtesy of Photowall

“Brick Wall-White” Mural 

Photo courtesy of Photowall

“Bambu-Green” Mural

Photo courtesy of Photowall

“Ivies and Ferns” Canvas

You can choose from so many different designs as well as uploading your own images! Have a family picture or a photograph you took that you would love to create a mural or canvas print from? Photowall will be your Swedish friend as well!

Want to do some shopping? Use this code agracefullifecampgn2018 to get 20% off your entire order now through April!


Thank you to Photowall for supplying me with not only a canvas but a brick mural (that I will use, I promise!), as well as awesome customer service. All opinions, as always, are my own.  

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


  • Rita

    Love you, Kari. We are DIY soulsisters. Even without the canvas, that room looks so cozy. If you’ve gotta be sick in the doldrums of February (me too, dangit), at least you’ve got a soft place to land. And a great guy to land there with you? (Actually, two. You know, counting your husband as well as Buddy.) I’m a little envious of more than just your canvas. ?

    • Kari

      I know what you are going through (the only time I am thankful for Facebook), so this comment means so much.
      I love your tile in the kitchen and for some reason, it makes me think of When Harry Met Sally (I AM RANDOM) when she says “Mexican tile” but yours doesn’t look “cold”.
      Sending you a pain-free day, a handyman with pecs, and lots of Dove chocolate.


    That looks pretty good Kari. I wouldn’t be wasting all that time trying to do it myself. I would ask the hubs first thing to do it for me b/c I know my ability with numbers (awful), and my ability with figuring how to put things together (equally awful). Which is why I’m not too good with DIY. Ha!

  • Michelle

    I so enjoy reading your posts Kari, they always make me laugh. Love the all the different pics you shared from Photowall too. We’re planning on revamping our upstairs lounge and the white washed brick wall paper looks perfect. Holding thumbs that they ship to South Africa 😀

    • Kari

      They ship everywhere! And you will get it in 3-5 days which is absolutely amazing.

      I love that you love to read my blog! That always makes me so happy and I appreciate you reading it as well. 🙂

  • Terra Heck

    I just posted my Photowall review on my blog….only mine isn’t as funny as yours! I love all the designs they have to offer and I, too, was impressed with how quick I received my canvas print. I had my husband put it together from the get-go. I knew I’d never figure it out on my own.
    Terra Heck recently posted…Photowall Canvas Print – ReviewMy Profile

    • Kari

      Thank you! I feel so less alone now. 🙂
      I still need to get that brick up and do something with it. Maybe make a dress out of it…..

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