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100 Things I Love

The day before Thanksgiving, I found via a Facebook shout out, a blog post by Jennifer P. Williams, whom I had never heard of before.

100 Things I Love.

Simple enough and full of amazing things to well, love.

At the end of the list, she wrote Inspired by Melisa Wells.


I then clicked on the link which took me to Melisa’s blog, which I read regularly even following her posts on Bloglovin.

Funny how things like that happen; finding someone you know through someone you just met.

So this inspired me to create my own 100 things I love list in my phone, adding things here and there as I was thinking about them.

Let me tell you, it’s been so much fun to think about things that tickle my fancy and it made me think that maybe we all should have 100 things we love lists on our phones.

Sometimes it’s just good to think about all the things that make us happy rather than all the things that don’t.

100 Things I Love

  • Going to the city with my little family the week of Thanksgiving
  • Sunny days
  • The first snow
  • A house full of people
  • Routine
  • Laying on the couch watching movies
  • Foot rubs
  • The smell of a spice shop
  • Chocolate chip pancakes and bacon
  • Coffee
  • Buddy snuggling against my legs

  • Holding my daughters’ hands
  • Mike’s laugh
  • Pandora Sunday Brunch playlist
  • Rum and coke
  • Cold pizza
  • Back scratches
  • The first 15 minutes of a professional massage
  • The first night of daylight savings time in March when it’s light out until after 7
  • The smell of the house when the windows have been open all day
  • Homemade pasta Alfredo
  • Steak on the grill
  • Singing loudly in the car with Anna
  • California sunshine
  • Destin, Florida
  • Waffle House
  • The lights of the Christmas tree

  • All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
  • The smell of coffee brewing
  • The smell of Thanksgiving food when you walk into your mom’s house
  • Leftover turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving
  • Warm cookies out of the oven
  • Trader Joe’s freezer section
  • Shopping on Christmas Eve morning for last minutes
  • The smell of our church after the candles are blown out
  • The memories of the first Christmas Mike and I shared
  • The smell of cedar outside after it has rained
  • When Rebecca and I start laughing and can’t stop
  • State Street in Chicago
  • Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Sausage Pizza
  • Eating at Pizano’s pizza on Madison Street

  • Dipping spaghetti with marinara into ranch dressing
  • The sound of the ocean
  • The smell of earth after a long winter
  • The first buds on a tree

  • Birds singing
  • World Market
  • The smell of suntan lotion
  • That we have a goldfish older than Ella
  • The television show My Grandmother’s Ravioli
  • When Anna does my makeup
  • Anything and everything to do with Dolly Parton
  • Hulu
  • Date nights consisting of a Target run and Starbucks
  • Whiskey
  • Fresh salsa and chips
  • Heartwarming television commercials
  • My teenager letting Mike and I hang out with her and her friends
  • Laying in Ella’s bed with her on a sunny winter day, listening to music
  • When Ella puts lotion on my legs and feet
  • Red church doors

  • Lunches alone with my mom
  • My dad’s jokes
  • Mike’s chocolate chip cookies
  • The refrigerator after going to the grocery
  • Homemade bread
  • Wendy’s chili
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Easter lilies
  • Door County Wisconsin
  • Impromptu dinner parties
  • Target Dollar Spot
  • Friends who’ve become family

  • Horses hooves on pavement
  • Clean sheets
  • Marching bands in parades
  • Our church on Christmas Eve
  • Bonfires

  • The first full day of summer
  • The sound of tree frogs
  • The sound of a train horn in the distance
  • The smell of fresh tar
  • My grandma’s beef and noodles
  • God and Jesus
  • Children singing spontaneously
  • Buddy’s excitement when we come in the door
  • Nibbles sleeping curled in a ball
  • Eating outside at a restaurant

  • Pedicures
  • A package on the front porch
  • John Hughes movie marathons
  • Burnt marshmallows
  • The smell of flowers especially hyacinth and lilac
  • People who kiss you on the cheek when they hug you (my dad is one)
  • Big Mac’s
  • My mom’s tuna salad
  • The poem Footprints
  • Creaky wood floors
  • Essential oils (especially peppermint)
  • Being a mommy

I could add so many more.

Think I will.

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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