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    I’m In Therapy

    I feel so Seinfeld, so Mad About You, so oh I don’t know, Diane Keaton movie about living in New York City and having a mysterious and very interesting life, right now. Remember when going to therapy meant you were rich? Or lived in the big city? Or were a nutjob? It doesn’t anymore. Oh, it still means you have some money because therapy is a gift in our country. A gift to those who have money, have health insurance. It shouldn’t be, but it still is. I went to therapy twice before in my life. Once when I was in my mid-twenties and married to my ex-husband. I was told…

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    Things That Make Me Feel Good

    It’s my birthday week! You know what that means? You’re late in sending me my gift. Just kidding! Unless you really feel the need to, then who am I to stop you? My birthday week means I spend each day doing something nice for me! Last year, I wrote about making birthday week a “thing”. How you need to do little things for yourself in your birthday week (or month-you do you) because your birth was important, you are special and you deserve to be celebrated. Last fall, I met a friend at a local coffee shop to help her get a blog off the ground (you can head here…