who i am 2

If you like John Hughes, you’re gonna love it here……


My name is Kari.

I like to write in short sentences like this.

My high school English teacher is probably rolling her eyes right now but it’s all good.

Wanna know why?


LoOk aT mE WrItINg aLl CrAzY LiKe!!

Just because I can!

That, my friends, is the beauty of having a blog.

Photo credit: Brandi Lee

I live in the Chicago suburbs with my husband, 10 year old goldfish Lucy, dog Buddy and our two crazy but amazing daughters, who both share the middle name Grace.

That is how this blog became A Grace FULL Life.

I have been writing here since June of 2010 as a whim and here I am still.

You can contact me in many ways by clicking those little social media buttons up on the top right.

You can email me at gracefullkari@yahoo.com as well.

I love mail!

But not if you want me to wire you $10,000.

I especially love your comments, so don’t be shy!

This is my main writing forum but I have been known to freelance other places including Chicago Parent and Little Lake County

You can see where else I have been featured by heading here.

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I am so glad you are here, please take your time and get to know my little blog!